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Go cashless and cardless today. Download the Tunapay app now and start receiving your Tunapoints immediately. Great deals and rewards await you!

Welcome to Tunapay

A better way of lifestyle.

Ease of Use

Tunapay is easy to use and requires little effort to get familiarize with.

Multi Platforms

Supports mobile phones on both iOS and Android platform.


Payment in a digital manner without carrying a lot of cash/card.

100% Secure

All data are encrypted and transferred securely from end to end.

To A Cashless & Cardless Society

Wallets out, E-Wallets in. Cash & cards are behind us now, let's focus on the future where mobile is the way to go. Download Tunapay today, open the app and start storing cash & cards into your e-wallet. For a cashless & cardless society, it has to start with you!

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Payments Just
Got A Whole Lot Easier, Just Scan!

Tired of the long queues when withdrawing money at the ATM? Cashiers constantly not having enough small change? All these can be solved with Tunapay! All you have to do is just scan the QR code that’s provided at selected merchants and transfer the desired amount. No need to wait for change, exact amount every time. Totally queue-free & hassle-free.


Lighten your hand bag lesser effort to take care many card and cash.

Transaction History

You can check account transaction history instantly after every transaction.


Tunapay supports English & other languages to meet everyone.

Scan, Pay & Receive

Scan to pay or receive money. Convenience at it's best.


From Bill payments to Mobile credit top-ups, all at your fingertips.

Loyalty Programme

Inclusive of Membership cards, Chop cards, Loyalty cards as well as Vouchers.

Pay & Receive
At Your Fingertips

Tunapay is a wallet that allows you to not only pay but to also receive money. Pay for your bills after a meal, or receive money from friends that owe you, or even receive money from a merchant by depositing cash to them. Efficiency is key.

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Get The App Now & Enjoy!

A little snippet of what's installed in the app for you, what are you waiting for?

Download Our App Today & Experience Endless Possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay any fees or charges to use Tunapay?

The app is free to download. There are no registration fees nor hidden charges.

What do I do if I've forgotten my PIN/want to change my PIN?

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can tap on ‘Forgot PIN’ once you have launched the

Tunapay app. If you would like to change your PIN, you can do so under Account Settings within the Tunapay app after logging in with your initial PIN.

Does any transaction fee incur when transferring money between Tunapay wallets?

No, Tunapay does not charge any transaction fee when you transfer money

between Tunapay wallets.

Is there a cost to withdraw money from Tunapay?

If you withdraw through a supported store, it is free of charge. If you withdraw to

your bank account, an RM1.00 service fee will be incurred.

Can I request money from multiple people?

You can request money from multiple people. Paid for dinner and different people

owe you different amounts? Just split the bill!

You can choose to split the request evenly, or split the request based on different amounts.

Tunapay is an e-wallet that stores your everyday necessity from cash to credit cards, not to mention loyalty cards and even chop cards are included. Don’t wait, the future is now!

Support & Downloads

Go cashless and cardless today. Download the Tunapay app now and start receiving your Tunapoints immediately. Great deals and rewards await you!

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